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Today’s Lady with Familiar Fashion
The world of today’s lady has changed a great deal over the past 50 years. Now we have offices and careers to think about and these decisions certainly affect our fashion choices. As much as we are the strong and intelligent women of today we can’t help being that fun and sexy girl deep inside. No lady wants to lose that part of herself. Many times it’s that little spark form deep inside that lights our way and makes us who we are. We need fashions that are discreet, proper, and fit for all occasions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a dash of playful or a pinch of sexy sprinkled in to our wardrobe. In fact when you really get down to it, we don’t want to reflect the fashion of the day but rather have the fashion of the day reflect who we are.

Here at familiar fashion we have all the same desires and passions. Those desires and passions have driven us to bring some of the best in ladies fashion and beauty to the forefront of the industry. For the lady who needs to cover several situations in one day please take time to consider one of my personal favorites, The Anne Klein cap sleeved scoopneck solid dress. This little beauty quickly became one of my fashion weapons and that’s the reason we are offering it to you.

This darling little dress is just long enough to be proper for the office while giving just the right glimpse of leg. Worn with a low heel and a single strand of pearls you will look very professional at the office, however after the work day has gone you can simply change the shoes to an elegant high heel coupled with a lovely silver necklace and earring set and you just went from business lady to sexy lady and still keep all the class.

At familiar fashion we are not trying to set fashion trends but rather deliver fashion that expresses who you are and the way you want to see yourself. Take a look at our Zeagoo Woman’s Bohemian sleeve loose shirt. Slacks with a business collar quickly becomes casual and colorful by just dawning this top. Business becomes sassy when you chose the fashion. You are sweet, stern, stable and unpredictable, a grown woman with a little girl still living inside. We provide the fashion that brings out the inner you. Nothing is more beautiful than the flower that blooms.