Shoes Style for Spring and Summer

Shoe style is probably the most important topic in women accessories. There are many types of shoes, some are more comfortable than others but we’re not talking about high-heels (ex: Stilettos, Louboutins ), here we’re talking about some flat pumps, sandals as we are already in Spring and expecting summer.

Shoes can be categorized in many ways depending on how you like to use them. For example, there are people who choose their shoes by color, models, but the most common one seasons. When it’s warm outside, you can wear any kind of shoes you want to, you can wear even boots, but when the temperatures are getting lower and especially on the winter days, your decision about shoes to wear isn’t that simple always. So here are some shoe styles that can be worn on spring and summer seasons.


bootSpring is the beginning of the warmth, the temperature won’t be so high, so a pair of boots would be a nice idea. Also, it would fit a pair of flat pumps in combination with a floral dress or a pencil skirt to look more glamorous. But this is not necessary. If you’re the punk girl, you can choose a pair of sneakers with skinny jeans and a leather jacket. There’s no exclusion of the idea of high-heels with office suit on these days.


Summer is the most beautiful seasons because you can wear everything you want (from sandals to boots and sneakers).

Try sandals -as they are open and very much comfortable on your feet on hot summer days. Some sandals have sole held to the wearer’s foot by straps passing over the instep and some are around the ankle type but both are good for summer. Sandals come with different materials and styles as well.


Sneakers are although athletic shoes, but widely used for everyday activities. The one made of clothes (canvas) are comfortable and protect your feet from the sun.


There are occasions when you can not avoid wearing boots but some special designs like these can be a good fit on summer days.



Do not forget to choose some comfortable shoe style for spring and summer days.