Perfect gifts for co-workers.

Need a secret Santa gift, or perhaps a birthday gift for a co-worker? View our list of handy, very useful gifts that any worker would love to get!

1. A To-Do list mug ($13)

Yes, these do exist! This gift is perfect for coffee/tea drinkers, and it is extremely convenient. Starting prices at only $12, you can’t go wrong with this perfect gift for a co-worker. Description: The mug looks like a yellow notepad with a dry erase marker included — it’s a portable place for your co-worker to organize his or her daily tasks.

Inexpensive perfect gifts for co-workers

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2. Pensee Memo Sticky Roll ($16)

A very portable sticky notes holder. Your co-worker can use the edge to tear off as much as they need, which is perfect if they are always “borrowing” another Post-it.

Inexpensive perfect gifts for co-workers

Purchase this perfect gift here

3. Smartphone Stand ($11)

If you are someone who always uses/needs their phones you will understand the importance of having one of these on your work desk. Continuously pulling and putting your smartphone into and out of your pocket is something nobody likes.

Inexpensive perfect gifts for co-workers

Purchase this smartphone stand here

4. Office organizer ($20-25)

Now your co-worker can keep supplies and important documents safely stored and organized. Wood organizer features notched handles to easily transport bills and office supplies to any desk or work area.

Purchase the Office Organizer here

Inexpensive perfect gifts for co-workers

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