Fall Hair Styles

Ever wanted perfect hair while wearing a hat / beanie?


Fall Hair Styles


Loose waves (using a curling iron

STEP 1: After getting a nice soft texture from your curling iron, take small sections and slowly twist them loosely, curl them away from your face, leaving the last few inches loose to read less curl and more wave. (A flat iron would also be suitable for this purpose.)

STEP 2: Separate the waves with your fingers, put on your hat, and pull your hair over your shoulders to keep those dastardly nape-knots at bay.

Fishtail Braid

Tying your hair back can usually get tricky when wearing hats. High ponytails are usually out of the question so you’re best sticking to low styles. A fishtail braid worn to the side is one way to wear your hair with hats. It looks especially stylish when worn with caps, beanies, and close-fitting hats.